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What is comprehensive personalization?

Comprehensive personalization includes helping you plan your reception agenda with a timeline of events, a list of participants who will be involved or may need to be introduced, and your musical preferences for the background music, the songs for each special moment, and the requests to be played during open dancing. Funomenon Entertainment specializes in helping you to create your reception agenda from the entertainment perspective. During your consultation and planning process we will listen to your ideas while offering our experienced advice to ensure that your schedule of events will not only be uniquely yours, but it will also be thoroughly entertaining for your family and friends as well! We will help you select the traditional events that fit your style and then organize them into a script that will keep your celebration moving along at a pace of your choosing.

This planning starts by utilizing our "wedding reception planner". This allows us to organize and personalize your reception in advance, and prevents the headaches of having to make last minute decisions at the reception. Prior to the wedding, we will plan the music, the reception formalities as well as the personality and amount of interaction you want from your DJ. The show will be tailored to your tastes. This is YOUR day. We will handle everything, including but not limited to all wedding party introductions, Bride and Grooms big introduction, all wedding reception traditions such as Bride and Grooms first dance, Parents dances, other special dances (anniversary dance, money dance), the garter, the bouquet, the cutting of the cake and any other special requests.

The amount of interactivity/personality you prefer is also something that we personalize. Do you want the DJ to be fun and interactive, or do you prefer a more low key approach? Every bride and groom have their own ideas about what they want out of the entertainment. It is our goal to customize our approach to meet your tastes. If you want the DJ to motivate your guests, and provide fun, interactive things to get them energized, we are happy to do that! One thing to keep in mind is that we never cross the line of being obnoxious. Our goal is to make your wedding reception one that you and your guests will not soon forget!

What is creative involvement?

This includes providing you with ideas that are designed to make your guests feel more involved throughout your celebration.

What is event direction?

This is the art and science of keeping your agenda on track while keeping your guests entertained. The science part includes double checking the important details behind the scenes (i.e. making sure the cake knife is at the table) and communication with your reception team members (i.e. photographer, caterer) to make sure everything and everyone is ready before moving on to the next activity on your agenda. The art part includes “reading your crowd” to make sure that they are not getting bored.

How will a talented spokesperson make my reception better?

Your Emcee will utilize their proven skills at public speaking along with their experience to communicate with your guests in a manner that captures their attention, keeps them properly informed and encourages them to have an enjoyable time.

What is music programming?

This is the art and science of playing just the right songs in just the right sequence to create a mood, a feeling, a memory, and a packed dance floor.

What is appropriate presentation?

At Funomenon Entertainment your Emcee will be dressed in a tuxedo.

What is quality amplification?

We provide professional, top of the line PA equipment so your reception will run smoothly.

Budget: Some Food For Thought...

If keeping your guests involved and appropriately entertained is of the highest priority to you, then you might ask yourself this question: "How big of a role will the quality of my entertainment play in the overall success of my reception?"

In post-reception surveys that were tabulated by DJ's who are members of (an online forum where professional Mobile DJ's from around the world share ideas for creating better performances and improving their services), clients who made entertainment a high priority for their receptions answered the above question by stating that the quality of the entertainment they had was 80% (or more) responsible for the success of their receptions.

For years, many have said, "the music makes or breaks the reception." But, the truth is that music is just one part of the overall services that professional wedding entertainment will commonly provide to ensure a great reception that is continuously entertaining for all your guests. The statement would ring more true by saying "the entertainment makes or breaks the reception".

It's eye-opening to note that the popular wedding magazines, books, and TV shows will never give you advice on how to order "film", because wedding photographers are already recognized as professionals and artists with unique talents, skills and personal styles. Yet those same bridal information resources are constantly offering tips for selecting "music" for your reception. Music is one of several elements that professional wedding entertainers will regularly provide. But if music were all that you needed to provide an entertaining reception, the result would be and extended cocktail hour . The entertainment at a wedding (whether you hire a DJ or a band) also typically serves as the Master of Ceremonies by announcing the formalities in an appropriate manner. The entertainment will help you plan the agenda to ensure the proper pacing needed to prevent your guests from becoming bored. The entertainment should communicate with you, your parents, your wedding party members, and your other vendors behind the scenes in an ongoing manner, keeping your reception agenda on track and flowing smoothly. The entertainment should also brainstorm with you to develop personalized moments that will leave your guests with lasting memories of your unforgettable celebration. Quality entertainment requires professionalism, artistry, and unique talent and skill, so don't be fooled into thinking that someone who will "just push play" on a CD player can make your reception fun and entertaining.

In a survey that was featured in St Louis Bride and Groom Magazine in July of 2003, brides who were surveyed within weeks of their wedding were asked, in retrospect, what they wished they had done differently when making their budget and hiring their vendors. 78% of them said the wished they had given top priority to their decision about entertainment, and 72% of them wished they had spent more time researching before they had made their entertainment. That's a pretty high percentage of wedding clients who appear to be looking back at their recent entertainment decisions with buyer's remorse.

Nearly 100% of them said that, in retrospect, they would have gladly set aside more money from their budgets in an effort to secure a better quality of entertainment. This may be the result of the current budget suggestions in bridal magazines and popular bridal books that recommend setting aside only 5% to 10% of your total budget for the purpose of securing "music". But, as I mentioned earlier, music cannot create a successful reception by itself. Overall, entertainment service is what really sets the tone, keeps the agenda flowing smoothly, and maintains the ongoing interest of the guests. Therefore it is my suggestion and conviction that investing more in the quality of entertainment that you desire for your reception is not a risk, but rather an investment in the overall success of your reception. How much is the success of your reception really worth? Is 15% of your total budget a fair amount? How about 25%? My goal in addressing these issues is not to convince you that certain price range is correct or reasonable, but rather to expose you to this information in the hopes that your decisions in regards to your budget will be made with your most important priorities in mind.

In seminars and articles he has produced for the Mobile DJ industry, Mark Ferrell has repeatedly said, "The amount a person spends on entertainment is directly proportional to the quality of entertainment they will receive which is directly proportional to the overall success of their reception". When movie producers want to make a successful comedy, they have been known to invest up to 25 million to secure Jim Carrey as the lead actor in the film. They are willing to spend this much because they recognize that Jim Carrey's track record and fan base ensures a film that will make at least $100 million, if not more, in return. How different is the entertainment you will select for your reception? Sure, your definition of a successful reception is much different than the definition of success for a blockbuster hit comedy movie, but the responsibility that Jim Carrey will have in making the movie successful is very similar to the responsibility that your entertainment will carry in ensuring that your reception will be a success as well.