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Funomenon Entertainment is a top notch DJ and entertainment company. Regardless of the type of event, our mission is to provide each of our clients with the first class service they deserve. This means that we pay close attention to detail in everything we do - providing personalized planning services prior to the event, professional emcees, customized levels of interactivity and personality, extensive music libraries designed to accommodate a diverse variety of musical tastes and reliable sound and lighting equipment. We think you will find that we are the ideal choice to provide the entertainment you are looking for!

The truth is you need more than just good music if you want your event to be the best event... EVER! You need someone who specializes in creating entertaining parties and delivering unforgettable party entertainment. Don't settle for an "average DJ", count on Funomenon Entertainment! This decision, more than any other can have the greatest impact on whether your guests get bored and restless, or whether they enjoy themselves so much that they'll find themselves commenting that yours was truly the best event...EVER!

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